English for Midwifery

English for Midwifery


Welcome to the textbook named Basic Communication for Healthcare Education as Basic Communication for Nursing Students, Midwifery Students and Pharmacy Students.

This textbook gives students more opportunities to learn and practice English. We are confident this book will help students improve their English!. The textbook combines topics, vocabulary, grammar, writing and communication activities.

Each book has 8 chapters divided into sections, and each section has it’s own purpose. The conversation is natural, fun dialogue that introduces new grammar. The student then see and practice this language in Grammar Focus. In the Reading section, the students read about various articles that enlarge students’ knowledge in their field of studies. In the writing section, students write some definitions of certain health terms, further information from other sources. Finally speaking with confidence section, students are empowered to use the language naturally in pair work, group work or in presentation.

We think students will enjoy using this textbook and hope them become better, more confident learners of English. Good Luck!

The Writer Team.

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  1. Terimakasih banyak untuk sharing bukunya. Sangat bermanfaat untuk bahan referensi belajar khusunya ESP especially Midwifery

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